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Tutorials: Swipe Reading, Orientation Support, And Image Slideshows In iPad Web Apps

Something I’ve been asked for in the past was if I could post more about tutorials on developing apps usin Html/Css/Javascript, and if I could post more about design in general.

It’s understandable as cross platform  frameworks that take web apps and allow you turn them into native app store apps are quite popular (such as Phonegap and Accelerator which are mentioned in the cross-platform iOS/Android tools list) and sometimes javascript can be the easiest way to create customized interface components.

I found out about this interesting site providing multiple tools, and several tutorials for iPad web app development.  The site is known as Padalicious, and among these tutorials are:

Add Touch-Swipe Support To Pages – a guide on how to use javascript to read different types of simple touch gestures.

Add Orientation Support To Pages – how to support landscape and portrait orientation in your web apps.

Image Slideshow With Transitions – how to create an image slideshow, and how to perform many different image  transitions using CSS/Javascript.

It looks like the site will be expanded in the future, and will be added to the iPad development tutorial resource page.

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