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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tutorial: Increasing iAd Revenue With AdWhirl

It’s no secret that right now the iAd service is paying developers an extremely high eCPM rate putting essentially every other mobile advertising service to shame.  There really is no competition to the iAD service at this time however fill rates do leave something to be desired especially if a large number of your downloaders are outside of the U.S.

One solution to this problem is to use the AdWhirl service which will increase your ad revenue by rotating in another ad service whenever iAd does not have an ad to show.

AdWhirl Results

Mundue, developer of the popular Removem game series does just that, and because of the high number of internal players for their game they have managed to triple clickthroughs by implementing AdWhirl.

AdWhirl Tutorial

Mundue has also created an excellent tutorial for the AdWhirl service covering optimization, and configuration of AdWhirl:
Optimizing AdWhirl Revenue


What makes this tutorial different from basic AdWhirl install instructions is that Mundue shares the knowledge built from using advertising services within their popular apps on how to maximize ad revenue.

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