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Tutorial: Creating A Custom Transition With Core Animation

Core animation is something that I have been specifically asked by visitors to key in more on this site, so I have been on the lookout for new tutorials.  They can be somewhat difficult to find so when I saw this tutorial I decided to post it immediately.

I found this tutorial, along with an open source project providing useful examples of core animation code on the blog of Nathan Eror.  Here’s a video of the “shutter image” transition featured in the tutorial:

You can find the tutorial here:
Fun With Core Animation: Shutter Transition

The approach taken to create the animation is very interesting, and it’s a pretty cool effect for making an image vanish.  Also you can see that this tutorial was created using iOS SDK 4+ as blocks were used in the Core Animation code.

You can find Nick’s open source project showing many different Core Animation effects in action on Github here:

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