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The Cost Of Hiring An iOS Developer

As I know that many of the people viewing this site are contract iPhone and iPad developers, and many others are also looking for a dev to hire I thought I would bring up an article I found on the costs of doing iPhone development.

From what I can see the costs are pretty much bang on, unless of course you’re looking for a bargain basement dev on one of  the freelance websites.

Here’s what the article suggests are the base costs just for development:

– Hourly wage $50-$250/hr
– Relatively simple/small app $3000-$8000 dollars
– Outsourcing on a bargain basement freelance website $15/hr

Don’t forget design, marketing, and the frustration and hours wasted of  dealing with someone who speaks a different language, and lives in a different time zone if you go for the bargain basement freelancer.  As always design and prototype your app as well as you possibly can and that will bring down your costs dramatically.  I know the hourly rates probably seem high to the average person with an app idea looking for a local North American dev, but if you value your time and sanity then it is well worth the money.

The article goes into things a bit further and gets into some examples, it can be found here:
iPhone App Development Costs

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