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The Best Resources In iOS Development (For Week Aug.28-Sept.3)

Another interesting week to be an iPhone and iPad developer has come and gone.  While the Apple did not turn Apple TV into a platform capable of running iOS apps the new iPod touch was announced, and thanks to the built in cameras for high def video, and facetime along with a new microphone it looks to be a best seller.

Some of the more popular resources from this week include a free app IDE for developing iOS apps on windows, a commercial game framework used in apps such as Call Of Duty: World At War Zombies that is free for indie devs, and a library that allows you to stream your apps right onto your tv without needing to jailbreak with an accompanying iOS tutorial.

Here Are The Most Popular iOS Resources From The Last Week:

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

Free App IDE For iPhone Devs On Windows: MobiOne – An excellent and rapidly evolving IDE for developing html/javascript based apps on the iPhone.  Even if you’ve got a Mac, if you can run Windows you might want to check this out.

Do Big Screen App Presentations Just Like A Steve Jobs Keynote – This is about a very interesting library and tutorial that allow you to display your apps on your TV without resorting to using libraries that are not app store safe or jailbreaking.

Free Commercial Game Framework For Indie Devs – This article covers a very powerful game framework that is free for indie devs, and allows for the creation of very advanced 2D and 3D games.

Quick Apple Special Event Roundup For Devs Who Missed It – This is a very quick roundup of the special event by Apple on Sept.1st made for busy developers.

Communicating With iOS App Graphic Designers – Communicating with designers can be tough, and I found this interesting article on how to better deal with designers that you are working it.

There you have it, thanks for reading.

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