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Official Flash CS5 Support For iPhone Packager Announced – Designers Rejoice

Yesterday I posted about how Apple had changed their review guidelines, and had decided to reverse their policy on third-party development tools.

Well, it didn’t take too long, and Adobe has already announced that they will be continuing development on their Flash CS5 iPhone packager. I know some Flash designers who were upset when they had purchased the CS5 edition for a small fortune just for iPhone support, and shortly thereafter found out that future support for the iPhone had ended.

Since this is only the beginning I think we can expect some more rapid application development tools to come out, I remember in the early days of the iPhone several had been announced that never came to fruition when Apple announced their disdain for third-party development tools.

If you don’t buy into Adobe supporting the iPhone packager (hey you’ve been fooled before) you can check out their official press release on the topic here:
Adobe Announces Continuous Development On Packager For iPhone

Don’t forget though, Apple announced they would no longer accept “amateur hour” apps which probably means 90% of the pre-existing flash games awaiting conversion won’t make it.

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