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Learning iOS Game Programming Book – Coming Monday

It is difficult to find material that goes through the creation of a game using OpenGL ES and without using a pre-built iPhone game engine.  Some time ago I created a page to promote the excellent iPhone game tutorial from Mike Daley which did just that with some excellent video presentations.  I believe that even if you are using a game engine it makes it so much easier if you already understand the basics.

Since then Mike has taken it a step further and written the Learning iOS Game Programming book for which the hardcover version will be available on Monday, Sept. 13, 2010.  I’ve had access to the rough cut version of this book for some time, and I can tell you that it definitely stands out, and is an excellent step-by-step introduction to game programming on the iOS platform.

In the book you go through the creation of creating a real 2D tile map based dungeon game using OpenGL ES 1.1.  This includes coverage of topics such as particles, audio, high score tables, testing, fonts, rendering, animation and more.

What I really like about the book though isthat while these are all complex topics they are presented in a very accessible way.

You can find the book and do a more thorough search inside it’s contents through the Amazon page (aff).

Something else that Mike is doing that is very cool is that he is promoting his students games on the 71 squared programming blog which you may want to check out.

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Book sounds great. I pre-ordered the kindle version already. What stinks is the epub version is like $28 compared to the kindle version for $17. But it sounds like the material is well worth it. Can’t wait to read it.

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