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Cocos2D Beginner iOS Tutorials At The Coconut College

In the past I’ve written about some excellent Cocos2D tutorials for those aspiring to develop games using the popular Cocos2D game framework.   One of the most common searches on this site is for beginner material, particularly Cocos2D beginner material.  It’s understandable as getting your foot in the door can often be difficult.

I’ve found a new resource that starts at the beginning, made for beginner programmers, that takes you through the process of learning Cocos2D in depth.  What I really like about this resource is that they really take you through every step at a good pace so even an absolute beginner should not have any problems.

Update: I’ve been informed that the Coconut College has been taken offline.  Please check out these beginner Cocos2D tutorials.

That resource is the Coconut College, and so far several extremely in depth tutorials have been posted, they are:

Tools Of The Trade – How to install XCode, and the Cocos2D Framework.
Hello World – Displaying a static image in Cocos2D
The Fart Button – How to animate images, and detect touches
The Fart Button 2 – How to play sounds with Cocos Denshion

More advanced tutorials are coming to the site, but the first few should help a beginner get on their way.

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Hey, I’m the Dean of the Coconut College, and would like to thank you for mentioning our site. I wanted to let you and your readers know that the site is still under heavy development, and is currently undergoing a major rewrite. Check back in a week or two to see the updated courses!

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