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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

App Tracking – 10 Desktop, Web And iOS Based Tools For Tracking Sales And Users


There have been many tools for tracking app download, sales and reviews that have come and gone.  Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts showing different tools that were available for app tracking.  Since that time many new tools have come and gone, and since some users were still using and commenting on those pages I felt it was time to put things in a single list.

In this article I am going to list quality tools that are for Mac/Windows desktop, browser based and available in the app store for download.  The tools on this list get data through iTunes Connect, or through a tracking code you install within your app.  I decided not to list tools that simply organize data built from scraping the app store (as there are probably hundreds of those around now), but I did include some tools that use that data along with your iTunes Connect data to provide unique and useful data.

This list by no means displays every feature available within these tools, you’ll need to check them out for yourself.  I also didn’t include any tools which were in closed beta.

In the list beside each tool I have listed the platforms, and where the data used by each tool comes from.

App Tracking Tools

(Alphabetical Order)

App Annie (Web Based – iTunes Connect/App Store) – Currently in open beta (so free atm) provides historical and daily data on worldwide app stores.  Great for getting daily reports on competitor apps.

AppSalesGraph (Mac/Windows – iTunes Connect) – Open source (Python) tool that allows you to visually track app sales, reviews, and downloads on all your apps in the app store.  Simple, but the stats look good.

AppStoreClerk (Mac – iTunes Connect) – Simple OS X app that downloads and displays iTunes connect data into tables. Source code provided.

AppViz (Mac – iTunes Connect) – Downloads and displays iTunes connect data in beautiful into great looking charts and tables.  $29 for full version, free trial available.

Flurry Analytics (Web Based – Tracking Code) – Free analytics for tracking visitor data allowing you to see how many people are using your app, how often etc.  Useful info, but you’ll want to use something else to see iTunes connect sales data.

Google Analytics (Web Based – Tracking Code)  Not specifically for apps.  You can view this in your desktop browser, unfortunately in an iOS device you’ll need to download an app such as Google Analyticator.  Not specifically for apps, but can still provide useful data.

HeartBeatApp (Web Based – iTunes Connect) – Displays iTunes Connect in a beautiful web based interface.  Includes information on crash reports.

Localytics (Web Based – Tracking Code)  This is in the same vein as Flurry Analytics, has a free version that appears to have most of the features you would want, and a more extensive enterprise version.

MyAppSales (iOS) – A beautiful app for tracking your app sales data.  This is not available in the app store and you will need to purchase and compile it yourself.  Price 20 euros.

I can tell you though that AppFigures, and App Annie seem to have gained quite a following in the indie developer crowd so you may want to check those out.  If you simply want iTunes Connect data in a better interface, I don’t think you can go wrong with HeartBeatApp.  If you don’t want to use a web based tool AppViz is a beautiful app for the desktop, and MyAppSales for iOS.  If you want visitor data, Flurry is quite popular.  If you want something open source so you can figure out how to scrape the data AppStoreClerk or AppSalesGraph both provide source code.

If there is another tool that you like to use please post it in the comments below. Thanks!


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