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Animations In The Sparrow Framework Game Engine Explained

For those that are unfamiliar with the Sparrow Framework, this is the framework used in my iOS programming tutorial on how to create an action game as a beginner.  Designed to be as intuitive as possible, especially for those who have used Flash/Flex I think it’s the easiest open source game framework to get started with.

One of the more complicated aspects of the framework though is handling animations.  The pre-constructed animations built into Sparrow are known as “Tweens” and they are controlled by the “Juggler” (don’t worry if this all sounds odd, once you get into it things become much clearer).

There are 16 of these pre-made animations available, and you can find providing details on the available animations and how to start and stop the animations in a new guide here:
Tweens & Jugglers: Animating Your Stage

I am really a fan of how Sparrow handles animations, and this guide explains things very well.

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