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Sparrow Tutorial: Creating HD Games With The Sparrow Framework

Sparrow, the game framework I used in my iOS programming tutorial on creating an action game, has recently added a new feature to easily handle the higher screen resolutions provided by the retina display of the iPhone 4.  I hope to update the tutorial to utilize this new feature in the near future. A new Sparrow Tutorial from the creators of this grame framework illustrates the process.

The process involves using tools that are included with the Sparrow Framework that will automatically create all the required textures from your high definition textures.

You can find the step-by-step tutorial from the creators of sparrow here:
How To Make HD Games With Sparrow

The new feature is in Sparrow 0.9 which can be found here.

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2 replies on “Sparrow Tutorial: Creating HD Games With The Sparrow Framework”

Awesome tutorial! Could Sparrow handle making a turn based strategy? I’m trying to figure out what would be the best framework to start with to program a TBS. Any suggestions? Do you think iTorque 2D could handle it?

Absolutely, it could handle making a turn based strategy.

One of the great things about Sparrow is that timing is very easy to manage because of the events system.

One way you could handle things being turn based is that you could make your own custom event to show the user has hit the “next turn” button and continue on the game then.

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