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Johann Dowa

The Best Resources In iOS Development August 16th 2010 (For 2 Weeks July 31-Aug 13)


It continues to be an exciting time to develop on the iOS platform, and in the last couple of weeks some interesting news has come out.  It appears that a new edition of Apple TV will be released later this year with support for iOS apps, and a new iPod Touch with front and back facing cameras.  While these are just rumors it does make sense and seems like a logical step forward.

Here are the most popular iPhone and iPad programming resources from this site in terms of sharing and visits for the 2 weeks July 31st to August 13th:

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

2 Great New Open Source iOS Apps: iStrobe and Ecological Footprint – Article about two new high quality apps that the creators have generously released as open source.

Beginners iPhone Action Game Programming Tutorial – An extremely in-depth tutorial on how to program the gameplay in an iPhone action game.

Getting Your App Made Even If You’re Not A Programmer – Article detailing do’s and don’ts for those looking to get an app developed without any programming skills.

Blocks – An Interesting Objective-C Addition In iOS 4 – A tutorial on how to utilize the blocks feature to shorten code in iOS 4 (aka. closures) x5

iTV – Another Platform For iOS Apps? – Article disclosing some of the details of Apple’s rumored iTV device.

Handling Z-Ordering In Cocos2D Map Based Games – A tutorial about creating two custom classes that easily enable correct Z-ordering in Cocos2D map based games.

Custom iPad UISplitViewController Adds Many Slick Features – Open Source – Article on the release of an open source project allowing you to easily implement a UISplitViewController with many useful features added.

Good Explanation Of Instruments In Xcode – A good overview of the instruments available in Xcode.

Interesting Info About iAds For Developers – Article including info  about how much iAds costs for developers and conversion rates.

How To Use Visio As A Level Editor – Tutorial on how convert Visio files into a .plist and then parse the resulting data as level data.

Hosting A Beta Test For Your iPhone and iPad Apps – Tutorial on the essentials of running an iOS app beta test such as ad-hoc distribution.

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