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iTV – Another Platform For iOS Apps?

For some time now there has been speculation that the Apple TV platform would be upgraded and be capable of handling apps.  This has been the next logical step for AppleTV and it comes as no surprise that it appears things have come to fruition.  Apparently it will be known as iTV.

Television would provide yet another great outlet, and drive iOS app sales even further.  It’s no secret that consoles, and console game revenue dwarf that of the iPhone and iPad app stores.  It will be very interesting to see the pricing dynamic once  iTV starts hitting the shelves..

An exclusive report is available at Engadget.  It seems that one of the more interesting aspects (unconfirmed) is that iTV will only provide 720p playback.  This makes no sense whatsoever and it will be interesting to see how truthful that is.

You can read Engadget’s previous report on iTV here which suggested a $99 price point.

[Source: Engadget]

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