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iAds For Developers Experiment Makes iAd CPM Rates Look As Stable As A House Of Cards

iAds and the iAds for develoeprs program has been a boon for developers showing iAds within their apps due to the extremely high CPM rates.   The cost for non-developer ads has been said to be as high as $18 CPM while those of AdMob are considerably less than a dollar.   The cost for developer ads is 0.25 cents per click.

It’s been suggested that these new ads perform quite well.  Personally I’ve been extremely skeptical as even the much lower cost for AdMob ads does not make for easy profit.  Fortunately, the developers at Cross Forward Consulting performed a test, and decided to share their results.

The overall results of Cross Forward Consulting advertising their app, Audiobooks Premium, a pretty successful app in it’s own right have shown absolutely dismal results.

The end results were $1251.75 spent on iAds providing 5,007 clicks and  just 48 downloads..   The overall cost was $14.90 for each download.  There were 2,052,929 impressions.

You can see the full writeup, and further details in the article here:
iAd for Developers

Sure, some might say a more expensive app could do better, but it’s hard to imagine how it could be worthwhile.  Considering the extremely high CPM rates non-developers are paying for iAds it looks like the iAds CPM rates are about as stable as a house of cards unless somehow iAds performance were to dramatically improve.  Especially given the much lower AdMob rates. Imagine if the test was done at the rate those big-wig advertisers are supposedly paying.. the cost would have been over $750 for a download.

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