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Do Big Screen App Presentations Just Like A Steve Jobs Keynote

Since the very first keynote involving the app store, developers have wondered how they can get their apps running as smoothly and beautifully on the big screen as when Steve Jobs demonstrates new apps during Apple keynote speeches.

There have been some solutions to do this with jailbroken devices, but now there is finally a solution that works well using app-store safe methods.  So far this has been tested to work with the iPhone 4 and iPad, previous iOS devices unfortunately do not seem to work.  You will need one of the VGA or Composite cables available for viewing video externally from the iPad.  The solution even works with OpenGL ES games.

The library for doing this can be found here on Github:

And a tutorial and class reference on how to use the library from the creators at TouchCentric can be found here:
Video Mirroring For iOS 4 Apps

I’m not sure how Apple would feel if a third-party company were able to create a video app streaming out smoothly to the TV, but it does appear possible.

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7 replies on “Do Big Screen App Presentations Just Like A Steve Jobs Keynote”

Is there any way to get this turned into an App? Either in the App Store or a custom App that can be configured for specific UDID’s. I need this functionality for a trade show we are presenting at in two weeks.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, do you mean an app that displays other apps? I think you would have to look for a jailbroken solution to display an app in this way.

I’ve never tried it, but I believe there was (probably still is) an app called TV-Out that stream everything to a tv from your iOS device provided it is jailbroken.

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