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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Will You Develop For Windows Phone 7?

It’s no secret that the iPhone app store has become a crowded place.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps, and the total number of apps seems to just get exponentially larger.  It’s obvious that the iOS app store, and iOS app usage will

It’s also no secret that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is due for release later this year and Microsoft has been trying to get developers to check out their development platform.

Some developers are so passionate about iPhone development that they won’t even give the Windows Phone 7 platform a sniff, check out this response from Dr. Touch when Microsoft sent him a letter telling him where to download the Windows Phone 7 SDK:
Dr. Touch Is Untouchable

In case you were wondering, you can download the SDK through this site:
Windows Phone Developer Site

I haven’t seen much info from those who have actually seen the Windows Phone 7 SDK up close and weren’t working for Microsoft, but the negativity of this preview from Infoworld is pretty scathing:
Windows Phone 7: Don’t bother with this disaster

Personally, I don’t see it as being that bad from what I”ve seen so far.. and I think a tech journalist writing a scathing piece like that of some software that is not even released is rather unprofessional and silly.

Here’s a video of a beta phone in action:

I did decide to download the SDK, unfortunately it took so long to install (for some reason it locked up my Vista running laptop for hours) that I wasn’t able to give it a good look through yet.

I’m not sure if I will have the time to develop on the platform, but I think it’s worth a look if you do.

I thought it would be interesting to poll to see how developers felt about it, so if you could vote below that would be great.  Thanks!

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