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Nice & Easy iOS OpenAL Sound Library – Open Source

Playing sounds using Apple’s AVAudioPlayer is pretty simple, and there is quite a bit of instruciton on how to do that.

OpenAL is another story as most of the documentation and wrappers come from other platforms, and while there are a few libraries out there that wrap OpenAL commands into an easier to use library I’ve found a new one that I really like.

The librar is from Karl Stenerud and is known as Object-AL-for-iPhone.  What’s great about it is that he’s included some terrific demos so you can easily figure out how to do things such as pan multiple sounds, and change pitch with ease (see the picture above for the list of demos included).

The syntax is great, and changing the position of a sound source is an absolute breeze.  Karl has done a great job of documenting things and there is even a PDF file included with the Github project that lets you step right in and use it.  It’s very simple to just take the library, drop it into your project and get started.

Check out the github project here:
ObjectAL on Github

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