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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

The Best Resources In iOS Development July 19th 2010 (For Week 07/10-07/16)


Thanks for visiting, things have continued to accelerate in the iPhone and iPad developer blogging world.  It seems like each week there is more and more great content being put out.  I am continuing to look through, and filter for the good stuff to share with you, and I still have a lot to look through.

If you have a resource that you would like to share then you can submit it. This site received about 40,000 page views in the last week according to Google analytics, and I try to give submitted content priority.  I also like to give priority to those who are new, have linked back or have shared content from this site on Twitter.

Anyways, here are the resources from 7/10-7/16 in order of popularity and sharing!

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

How To Program A Fully Functional iOS Photo Viewer Quickly With Three20
A great tutorial from Ray Wenderlich on using the photo viewer in the uber handy Three20 open source library.

3 Great Tutorials For Beginning iOS Developers
Three great tutorials for beginners from Nick Vellios.

Drag-In Straightforward Pathfinding Library For iOS Game Developers
An excellent open-source library for adding pathfinding into iPhone and iPad games from the creator of ASIHttpRequest.

Programming A Non-Fullscreen iOS Movie Player That Even Runs In Portrait
A handy code snippet from John Muchow on creating a movie player that works in portrait mode, and doesn’t automatically go full screen.

4 Ridiculously Handy Custom iPhone UI Tricks and Libraries
Four very handy code snippets from Hans Pinckaers for UIKit user interface builders.

How To Add Turn Based Multiplayer Into Your iPhone Games Easily With Openfeint
A nice tutorial on how to easily implement turn based multiplayer using Openfeint from Kwigbo.

Glossy iPhone Buttons Without Images Or Private APIs
A very nice open source library for adding glossy colored iPhone buttons that can be laid out using interface builder from Hwee-Boon Yar.

Using Objective-C JSON To Do Translations In An iOS App
Another great tutorial from Ray Wenderlich this time on using JSON with Google Translate to add translations into an iPhone app.

Easily Accommodate Different iOS Versions With This Clean Code
A nice tutorial with sample code showing how to accomodate different versions of iOS with uglifying your code.

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