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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

The Best Resources In iOS Development July 12th 2010 (For Week 07/03-07/09)


The number of resources being shared for iOS developers has grown dramatically.  I created this site to feature my own tutorials and tips along with those created by other iPhone programmers.

It seems that with the introduction of the iPad and iPhone 4 there is an explosion in the number of resources and blog posts for iOS development, and it certainly appears that the popularity of the iOS SDK has hit a new peak.

I understand it has become harder to keep up with things so I’d like to introduce a new feature where I will show the previous week’s posts in order of popularity (based on traffic and tweets) .

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

You can check out the first edition below:

1. Screw Multitasking: How To Make Your iOS 4 Apps Exit For Real
A quick tip on how to set your apps to remove themselves from memory immediately upon exit in iOS 4.

2. Cool Tool For Quickly Making Glossy iOS Buttons
A tool for easily making custom glass buttons using the iPhone simulator.

3. Interactive iPad App Prototypes In Under 30 Minutes Using Keynote
A keynote theme allowing you to easily create an interactive iPad interface prototype.

4. With Just 3 Lines Of Code Add Twitter/Facebook Into Your iOS App
Introduction to the Sharekit library for easily adding social sharing into iOS apps.

5. iPad Development Tutorial and Resources Collection
A list of top-notch iPad tutorials and resources.

6. Easily Adjust Your Images For The iPad or iPhone Retina Display
Introduction to an open source library that allows for easy resizing of UIImageView elements.

7. A Carnival For iOS Developers! Get In Get Traffic
Several developers get together and form iDevBlogADay to grow their traffic.

8. How To Stay Motivated And Actually Complete Your iOS App
Several tips on maintaining motivation throughout a large indpendent software project.

9. iOS Developer Gold Discovered On Twitter
Some great tips found on Twitter for iOS developers.

10. Nice & Easy iOS OpenAL Sound Library – Open Source
A very easy to use open source library allowing for easy integration of OpenAL.

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