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How To Stay Motivated And Actually Complete Your iOS App

Let’s face it.. it’s easy to get distracted.

Following through on your app ideas all the way to completion can be difficult, especially if someone isn’t looking over your shoulder.

I found this great article from Cliff Harris, developer of some excellent indie games providing some tips on how he keeps himself motivated when working on a project.  While he’s not an iPhone or iPad developer the tips certainly apply.

Here’s 3 key ideas that I got out of it – that I personally feel would be helpful:

  1. Work on projects you actually like – not projects that are just meant to capitalize on something you have absolutely no interest in.
  2. Work on the cool stuff in the project early – special effects, graphics, stuff that actually can be inspiring to see and makes you think “this is going to be awesome” – Cliff picked up on this from Lionhead games.
  3. Keep a log of your work every day – I always try to get away from doing this myself, but when I do it really does help to stay motivated and efficient.

You can read all of Cliff’s ideas in his article:
How To Stay Motivated Whilst Programming A Game

This video below is from Cliff’s game “Gratuitous Space Battles” which he developed with a small team (looks too cool to be indie but it is – too bad it’s PC only.. great idea for an iPhone game).  The game has incredibly cool graphics and I hope that you enjoy the eye candy.

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[Source: Cliff Harris]

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