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Great Beginner iPhone And iPad Dev Screencasts

Learning iPhone and iPad development can definitely be difficult, especially if you are not a professional software developer.

I receive e-mails every few days from people who tell me they’ve bought a book or number of books on Amazon or at the local bookstore.  Unfortunately most of the “Beginner” material is meant for experienced developers who are new to the iPhone or iPad platform.

If you’re a real beginner without any program experience you might need to take a step back and look for teachings from a different perspective.

A friend of mine told me about a book that they’d been using by Dr. Rory Lewis, in his book he mentions some screencasts that he has used to help teach students at the University of Colorado.  They look great for the absolute beginner and if you’ve been struggling and just want to get your foot in the door I suggest checking them out. These don’t get into very advanced material, but are very accessible and high quality. You can find the screencasts here.

The book Dr. Lewis mentioned these screencasts in (although he does mention on his website you don’t need to buy it) is available here.

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