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Free Collection Of Outstanding UIToolbar Icons

The UIToolbar is a staple in many apps.  It allows you to easily present the user with an interface for performing a number of functions.

Apple themselves have included several icons to choose from, however, many common icons such as the RSS icon or disk icon are not included.  It’s also possible to violate Apple’s interface guidelines if you use one of their icons for the wrong purpose.

Today I found this great set of UIToolbar icons – completely free for use in commercial apps (just not for resale by themselves).

Included in this set are over 100 icons, and they can be used for many different purposes.

The icons can be found here:

I also mentioned this great set of icons previously:
Glyphish Icons

A great code tutorial on the UIToolbar for beginners can be found here:
How To Make A Toolbar With UIToolbar

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