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Johann Dowa

Find iOS Custom URL Schemes From Thousands Of Apps And Add Yours

I received an e-mail asking about how to find custom URL schemes for specific applications.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with a custom url scheme – this refers to binding your app to a specific url scheme such as twitter:// which when used will execute the related app on the user’s iOS device.  What’s really cool is that you can attach custom parameters depending on the app for example:

You simply load the url, and the app opens.. it’s that easy.

There are literally hundreds and I was reminded about a site just the other day by Alex Curylo that has grown leaps and bounds since I last looked at it, and it lists many of these URL schemes.

That site is and you can search for specific applications or even for specific types of applications, for example here’s what comes up when I search for Twitter apps:

What’s really cool is that if you click on one of the selections it gives examples on how to use a specific app’s url scheme like this:

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[Via: Alex Curylo]

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