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4 Ridiculously Handy Custom iPhone UI Tricks and Libraries

The iPhone has a great UI library, but there are still times when you think to yourself when programming — why didn’t they include this feature?

Whenever that thought pops into my head (probably because I’m an efficiency freak who likes to do things in the least possible time) and I can’t easily find the answer in Apple’s documentation I look to see if someone has done it before, and shared their results.

Hans Pinckaers, an 18 year old developer from the Netherlands submitted in a collection of several tips and custom UI classes that he has put together.

They include:

1. A multiline/auto-resizing UITextView element which operates similar to the SMS app. (here)

2. How to perform a custom action when the user presses a UIBackButton. (here)

3. A High performance rounded corner UITableView implementation. (here)

4. How to create a copyable UITableViewCell. (here)

Btw, if you’ve seen a good iOS tip feel free to submit it, or a link to it here and if I think the readers will like it I’ll feature it on the site in front of our 2,000+ daily visitors.

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