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Warning: Serious Bug Related To JPEG Images In Cocos2D

Just a heads up to everyone with a Cocos2D game.  I know that everyone has been busy updating their games, and if you’ve been using Cocos2D and have any JPEGs in your game this affects you.

An odd bug has begun appearing with 3rd generation devices using iPhone OS 4.0.  I noticed something strange with some images, went to the Cocos2D website and found a report of the bug.

What you will need to do is convert any JPEG images that could be in your app into PNG files or apply the patch from the Cocos2D website.

The Cocos2D Thread related To the topic:
The Bug Report And Patch:
The Apple Discussion Thread:

Hopefully this will help some affected fix this problem quickly. I know many devs come to this site looking for material on Cocos2D.

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