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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

How To Add A Slick iBooks Like Page Turning Effect Into Your Apps

I think everyone who watched the iPad keynote was impressed by the sweet page finger following page turning effect Steve Jobs showed in the iBooks app. I know many developers were trying to replicate that effect as soon as the got the SDK with the iPad simulator, but there was a problem.

The problem was that the API containing the page curl library used in producing that same effect remains undocumented so it can’t be used in the app store. Fortunately Ole Begemann has created a Github project where he has provided some code which allows you to easily add a very similar effect into your own apps as shown in the video at the top of this article.

(Btw, I’m sorry if I butchered the pronunciation of your name Oleb!)

You can find the Github project here: Two pages Project

Ole’s original post can be found here that provides deeper insight into how the animation is done.

Also thanks to Tom Brow who created the original leaves project on Github from which Oleb’s project is based: Tom Brow’s Leaves Project.  Tom’s project is for a single page, and can be added into iPhone apps.

[Source: Ole Begemann Via: Ixhan]

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