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Free Advanced iPhone and iPad Development Course Available

Good iPhone training can be tough to come by, and it seems like there are now hundreds of course available.  Unfortunately many of the local courses are just taught by the book so there is little to no advanced instruction.

So here is some good news for those looking for some professional, advanced instruction.

A free advanced iPhone development course has been released on iTunes featuring Dr. Brad Larson of Sunset Lake Software, creator of the popular open source iPhone app Molecules.  The course features 14 sessions (over 35 hours!), and comes complete with notes.

Topics covered include iPad specific programming, threading, Core Animation, Quartz 2d and OpenGL ES.

You can find the course on iTunes here.
The notes are available in html format here.

Update: It was suggested that I compare this to the CS193P course for iPhone development that was previously released on iTunes.  This course is completely different, expects that you already know Objective-C, and is much more advanced.  From what I’ve seen so far this course goes much deeper into the advanced topics which are barely mentioned in the Stanford CS193p course. It is not a course for new programmers who only have a basic Object Oriented programming class under their belt like the Stanford one.

[Source: Sunset Lake Software Via: Alex Curylo]

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