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3 Great iPad Development Guides

While the iPhone 4, and iOS 4 upgrade may be grabbing most of the headlines due to it’s recent release the iPad has in it’s short existence proven to be a fantastic seller with over 3,000,000 iPads sold in under two months.

Already there has been much written from those looking to grab headlines due to the iPad’s success.  However there really have not been too many high quality tutorials for those looking to develop on the iPhone.

I shared some excellent tutorials from Ray Wenderlich previously here:
iPad Tutorial – Converting iPhone Apps

Alex Curylo at Under The Bridge has created a great list on his website for iPhone developers you can find here:
iPad Programming Roundup

Three excellent resources on that list which stuck out to me were:

  1. iPad Multitouch – An example of how to use 11 simultaneous touch events from Matt Gemmell.
  2. iPhone To Hybrid – Making your iPhone apps truly multi-platform from Dr. Touch
  3. Designing For iPad – Great guide on designing fro the iPad from information Architects.

Sources: Alex Curylo, Matt Gemmell, Dr. Touch, Information Architects

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