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Super Easy Way To Create Game Music (Videos)

Creating game music for an indie game can be a huge expense, and it’s a real pain in the ass to either search for music, or find someone to create music for you.  Even if someone you’re working with can do it, or at least thinks they can it can often take way longer than expected.  I found this really cool app that lets you create music, and send it to yourself so that you can music in your own games simply by using your voice (it’s alot better than it sounds, in fact it’s downright amazing… see the videos).

The name of the app is Voice Band, and it definitely can be a real time saver, and no need to buy some lame overpriced music.   At $2.99 it’s the cheapest music creation software I’ve ever bought, and maybe the most useful.  Try it out, you’ll be surprised at how well it actually works.  There’s absolutely no fakery in the videos.  Sure, it won’t be as good as having a professional composer create the music for you, but it can be perfect for that V1.0 app before you make the big bucks.

Thanks to the article Fast and Easy Music And Sound Effects for pointing out this app to me, they’ve also got some info on a tool for creating sound effects that you may want to check out.

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