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Make Xcode Feel Like Microsoft Visual Studio

This may hurt some fanboys, but many believe that Microsoft Visual Studio is a better IDE, and that Xcode just plain sucks.  I think most of the hate towards Xcode stems from many of it’s features being turned off when first installed.  I found these great tips today on how to make Xcode feel like Microsoft Visual Studio.

The article covers tips on changing the cut and paste buttons so Windows users feel more at home, implementing an MSVC key configuration in Xcode, installing a decent SVN client and more.

You can view the article here:  How To Make Xcode Feel Like Visual Studio (MSVC)

If you’re really looking to create a power XCode setup, and unleash similar power to that of Visual Studio, I suggest checking out this article which covers many Xcode tips: Amazing Xcode Tips Leave Developer In A State Of Shock

Personally I don’t think Xcode will ever match one of the professional versions of Visual Studio, but you can’t really beat the price.. and I like it better than VC Express.. that’s for sure.

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I may be a “fanboy”, but my distaste for MVS’s IDE comes from many years of developing on in Windows.

If you want to mimic an IDE, I would say that IDEA’s IDE from or even the Eclipse IDE is a much better IDE to try to emulate that MVS.

IDEA makes MVS, and Xcode for that matter, look like a simple text editor. The power in that IDE is truly unmatched anywhere. If I had to develop Java based apps for Cocoa and the Mac, I would gladly use IDEA over Xcode any day of the week.
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IDEA is definitely an excellent IDE.

I do feel MSVC gets some unfair treatment from mac fanatics, but it’s certainly not without its faults.

Also, to say that Xcode “just plain sucks” isn’t really all that fair. Xcode does some pretty nice things when you get used to the keyboard shortcuts. Like MVS, it knows the API’s it’s working with and shows popups that aid the developer. It does this pretty well.

I personally find it’s lack of configurability annoying. There is very little control over the placement of curly braces and I have a very strict style I use. Xcode doesn’t support that style at all. IDEA, on the other hand, can be molded to match “ANY” style the user wants. I have yet to see a style IDEA can’t handle.

Now, mind you, my experience with MVS is pretty old. I haven’t had a chance to really take a look at the latest versions of MVS. I did grab student versions a while back, but unlike Xcode, MVS costs some serious bucks and since I don’t develop for Windows, I’m not going to be plunking down that kind of cash for an environment I’m never going to use.

I’m not sure why Microsoft still charges for it’s development environment. You would think that Microsoft would want to get as many developers on board as possible. If they are worried about income, the MSDN subscriptions should cover the cost of giving away MVS. Ah well, I suppose that Microsoft for you…
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I don’t think Xcode sucks.. I just hear complaints that it does, and it’s typically just because the initial setup when you first download Xcode has most of the convenience features turned off.

X Code, really? this is so antiquated it’s unbelievable..I have to keep up with my own memory? So 1980s, get with the time apple. OOP is where it’s at, Java can run on a mac, why not utilize a nice language that has memory management and all the sweet things real programmers like. X Code eats balls and wiener cereal for breakfast….everyday.

Yeah, Xcode 4 has brought about quite a few improvements though. Performance is the reason why.. and it’s the same reason why many android developers are turning to C++, and were ecstatic when they could develop true native apps on Android even with a barebones sdk.

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