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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iPhone Game Dev SDK For Windows – Fun And Actually Works

I recently had the opportunity to test out an iPhone development SDK for windows, complete with a simulator and compilation to native iPhone code. I was expecting a hack, and so far from what I’ve seen is a very fun, and straightforward solution for 2d iPhone game development on windows.

This post is now deprecated please visit the Dragonfire SDK Tutorial And Guide page.

The SDK is known as the Dragonfire SDK, runs in Microsoft Visual Studio, and uses C++. You cansign up for the beta on their website*** Update: It appears as though things have changed on the site and you may now have to pre-order to access the beta — another update no longer in beta. Thanks to those who sent me in that info, you can still view their site along with the sample games. I don’t know the details of the technology used, but I’ve been fiddling around with it too much today. I really like the syntax, it is very simple and straightforward.   If you know C++, only have Windows, and want to make a 2D app quickly it looks like the way to go. Sample apps are available. The SDK can be used for 2D apps, but from what I understand this version was designed for games with more functionality being added for 2D apps in the next version.

I’m not sure of the technology used by the SDK as of yet (javascript, core animation, opengl es?), but it works. You can check out an example of a game already in the appstore using the Dragonfire SDK called Unstacker.

I’ll leave any potential negatives out for now since it’s still in beta. Hopefully I can get some answers as to the tech/other details used, but at first glance it looks like a good solution.

Please post any thoughts below. Thanks!

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