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Awesome Fun Music-Synced Animation With Video And Code

Found this great tutorial on creating a music synced animation.  The dancing effect is created by using a sound meter, and adjusting the size of the animation based on the sound level.  The end result looks terrific.

Check out the video:

The author was able to create this effect by using the open source Cocos2D engine for iPhone along with the CocosDenshion sound engine (included with Cocos2D iPhone).  It’s a really fun effect, and thanks to the author of the tutorial for providing full source code.

The full tutorial and code can be found here: Fun with cocosDenshion and Audio Metering

If you’re interested in having more fun with Cocos2D you may also want to check out our Cocos2D iPhone game engine resources page or our list of Great open-source Cocos2D apps.  It’s a great engine to look at once you’ve got the Objective-C basics down.

[via Cocos2D blog]

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