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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

The Apple iPad – Is it just a big iPhone?


Now that the Apple iPad has officially been announced, it’s time to look at what sort of opportunities for app development have arisen because of this new hardware.   If the name is making you giggle, that’s a natural reaction.  At first glance the iPad looks like a big iPhone, here’s a rundown of the essential specs.

Apple iPad Hardware Specs (Known so far):

  • 9.7″ Screen
  • 1.5 lbs. weight
  • 0.5″ Thick
  • 16-64GB Storage
  • Capacitative Multi-Touch Screen
  • Custom 1gHz A4 chip (custom Apple chip)
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Microphone
  • 30-Pin Connector
  • 10 hour battery (this seems kind of weak)

Noticeably missing: A camera.  So we can’t use the power for more cool augmented reality apps.

Cost: Starting at $499 (probably the best thing in the announcement)

Now, looking at the hardware, we don’t know exactly how quick the graphics will be, but the gaming displays looked very good, and considering the larger size of the screen it appears that there is enough extra juice in the iPad to handle larger games.


While it looks great, I can’t help but really think this is just an iPod Touch with a bigger screen.  We have Kindle on the touch and I hope this better looking iBooks app lets me load in my Kindle books.

I see the larger screen pretty much putting an end to the “iPhone vs. PSP” type arguments.  This is now THE portable gaming device.  Developers now have the room to put custom controls.

As far as software improvements go we don’t know yet until we see all the features in the new OS, but I have to admit that this really does just seem to be little more than a bigger iPhone.  That being said I plan to get one, since i want a bigger iPhone.

The new iPhone SDK update supports the iPad, complete with simulator you will be able to get it at

The official iPad page:


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