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Programming in Objective-C 2.0 Live Lessons Pt.1 – Review

I know that many of the people viewing this site are absolute beginners to programming who are  frustrated because they have difficulty with iPhone development books that they’ve bought.  The problem is that most people don’t have the fundamentals in Objective-C or Object Oriented programming.  One of the books I’ve recommended is Programming in Objective-C 2.o by Stephen Kochan.  Stephen has also created a video course to go along with the book.

The video package is called the Programming In Objective-C 2.0 Live Lessons Bundle and cover the basics of Objective-C, and the key principles of Object Oriented programming.  You can view a short trailer here that gives you a sampling of the quality of the video.  If you’ve got the book this is a perfect companion, although I didn’t see just the video selling on Amazon (what they did have was out of stock and selling for more).  The package comes with the book, and is reasonably priced at just under $45.  Just like the book this is a very thorough overview so even if you’re one who dwells on the details, you will enjoy this course, and that’s essentially what it is, a thorough beginners Objective-C course.


  • Well organized course (just like the book)
  • Very high quality lessons (Kochan makes it seem easy)
  • Goes perfectly with the book
  • In-depth but not too long – 8 hours


  • Doesn’t get into iPhone programming like in the latter part of the book (but it looks like a good setup for Apple’s free iPhone programming video course)
  • Bundle with book and videos appears to cost less than just videos (only difference I can see is that when you purchase just the videos there is no book)

My Conclusion
If you don’t have a solid understanding of Object Oriented programming, and would like to go through an in-depth course on the topic then these videos are a great value for a beginning iPhone developer especially since you’re using Objective-C.  The book was already terrific on it’s own, and the addition of video at a reasonable price when bundled with the book makes it even better.

The combination videos and book can be ordered here at $25 off ($44.90)
Just the videos can be ordered here. (price is higher than bundle atm)

Any thoughts from those who have gone through the videos would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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