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Johann Dowa

iPhone SDK 3: Visual Quickstart Guide – Book Review


I recently checked out another iPhone development book, this time one the iPhone SDK3: Visual Quickstart Guide.  I have to admit I’m a fan of the Viual Quickstart series of books, they are usually very straightforward, and if possible I like to choose short direct books before really getting into the details.

You can view a list of the table of contents along with a preview of the book by going to the Amazon page here, and clicking on the search inside the book link.


– Great for iPhone development beginners who know an OO language
– The introduction to Objective-C section is better than most iPhone dev books
– Very straightforward examples, and explanations
– Organized enough to be used as a quick reference guide


– Screenshots are nice, but can be somewhat hard to read
– Nothing about using databases on the iPhone (no SQLite or Core Data)
– Doesn’t cover many OS 3 libraries (does go into the MapKit)

My Conclusion

I would have to say that this lives up the Visual Quickstart name and is very straightforward. If you already know an Object-Oriented language then this book provides a very straightforward way to learn about programming many aspects of iPhone programming, and certainly prepares you for understanding the material provided free on the Apple website. This book isn’t for detail freaks, if you want to know every detail about something you can go looking elsewhere for an iPhone programmer’s bible. I would have liked to see more iPhone OS 3 features given coverage such as Core Data, and in app purchases.

Overall I would say this is a great way to get started, or if you’ve had trouble with one of the more in-depth books you may want to give this a shot.

The book can be ordered here for $11.90 off retail.

Thanks for reading, and please post any comments below.

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