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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

3 Mistakes Developers Make When Selling Their iPhone Apps


Editors Note: It still amazes me that some developers will spend thousands, even tens of thousands and have no more of a marketing strategy than “getting the app in the store”.   Then not even spend the time to put up some screenshots.  I received this great article submission from Robert J.B. talking about some of the most common mistakes that developers make when submitting their apps.

Sometimes, even the best designed iPhone apps do not sell well because of a few simple mistakes. But what if you could learn some of these missteps ahead of time, so you could avoid them? You would save hours of frustration while taking the shortcut to boosting your app sales.

Here are the top three mistakes that developers make when selling their iPhone apps (and how you can avoid them):

1. Not having a free version

Trying to get someone to download your app even a free app is tough. You need to stand out among 100,000 other apps and then convince your customer it is worth their time to hit “download”.

Your job is even more difficult when trying to sell a paid app. In the App Store, all the information a user has to make a decision is a few screenshots, your description, and maybe some reviews.

One of the best ways to let your customer “try it before they buy it” is to offer a free version of your app. Get them hooked with a scaled-down version, and every time they use your app, encourage them to upgrade. It’s
like free advertising.

2. Having a boring description

The App Store gives you a perfect opportunity to tell people exactly what makes your app wonderful but too many developers bore their customers rather than wow them.

You do not have to be a professional copywriter, but you must know that the first sentence of your description is the most important. It is one of the first things that people will see about your app. In fact, if they want to read more, they have to click “More”.

So, make your first sentence leap off the screen. Say exactly what makes your app unique and how it will help your customers.

3. Overlooking free marketing for your app

Think you need a big marketing budget to sell more apps? Think again. While paid advertising can certainly work, there are many free marketing tactics that you should not ignore.

Have your started a Twitter account for your iPhone app? Do you have a blog built with a free tool such as WordPress? Have you sent out a free press release using a service like prMac?

These are just a few free ways to promote your app and there are many more out there. Take some time to research app marketing ideas that can save you time and money while increasing your sales.

You made a great decision to create an iPhone app. Now, boost your sales by avoiding these common mistakes and start marketing your app like a pro.


Robert J. B. is an experienced software marketer who writes for Marketing Your App , which provides easy tips and
free guides to help developers boost sales of their iPhone apps. Follow his tweets at

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