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iPhone Game Tutorial With Videos – Programming Tutorials

Just like to turn you guys on to what is the best iPhone game tutorial with videos on the web so far in case you haven’t seen them.  Please note that this is not the simplest iPhone game programming tutorials as you will be building an OpenGL game engine from scratch.  This does also make this a great iPhone opengl tutorial.

These tutorials are from 71 squared.  They run through the steps to creating a game on the iPhone in tremendous detail, and include source code.  Included are in-depth videos.

Update:  Links no longer valid – sorry to those visiting this page, please see other game tutorials here.

Together These Make One Excellent iPhone Game Tutorial

iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 1
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 2 – Image Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 3 – SpriteSheet Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 4 – Bitmap Font Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 5 – Animation Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 6 – Tiled Map Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 7 – Singleton Class
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 8 – Particle Emitter
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 9 – Sound Manager
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 10 – Game Structure
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 11 – Joypad
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 12 – Saving Game State
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 13 – App Store Submission
iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 14 – Moving To 3D

Update:  Links no longer valid – sorry to those visiting this page, please see other game tutorials here.


Now these gents are also writing a book on iPhone game programming.  So absolutely if you like their tutorials I suggest you check it out.  I don’t think it’s available for pre-order yet but you can read some info about it here.

26 replies on “iPhone Game Tutorial With Videos – Programming Tutorials”

I just started with the tutorials, which xcode and sdk versions are u using ?? i have xcode 3.2.1 and iphone skd 3.1 and it seems different that what u have here. Plus, where can i get the graphics folder u use in your first tutorial ? .. thx

Thanks for the tutorial, its great, starting with some programming for iphone, fun mostly,

although I’m running into some problems using the latest sdk, (3.2), first of all theopenglES default project created is a bit different, and I’ve had to adapt, since it is not exactly the same, ( uses a render object instead of the method you use.

I seem to be having a problem with just the rendering of the ship, seems that its offscreen with those coordinates ( 160.0f, 240.0f) trying to figure this out, will post if I figure it.

Excellent tutorials. This is exactly what I have been looking for. You guys f**king kick ass!


I’ve tried some of these tutorials, but the video does not play for me (Safari on iMac) do I need a plugin or something?

Do you have any tutorials for the simple apps that you were making? Which would you recommend, starting with and app first or a game first?

Hi Chase,

I would recommend just going for something that you find appealing. The app store has changed so much from back when I first wrote those tutorials.. I’d say start with something simple, if you want to create games.. then I would definitely start with a game. If it doesn’t matter then you might want to go for a simple app. Juset get it out there.

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