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Create App Trailers That Don’t Suck Without Jailbreaking

I’ve seen alot of crummy app trailers out there usually taken with a camera held or on a tripod, and thumbs in the way so I thought I’d mention this app.   There’s been solutions to record the screen of a jailbroken iPhone for awhile, but this is a great "legit" solution.  For those hobbyists that don’t want to spend the $99 to test their apps this is also a great tool.

The excellent article that pointed me back to this app to me can be found here:
iSimulate Article

Essentially all you need to do is downlaod the app from the app store, add the libraries they specify into your app, run your app, and through wifi you can control the app in the iPhone simulator with  your iPhone.  Also you get to see some cool onscreen feedback that will help you in creating your app especially if it makes extensive use of the accelerometer.  This solution has been around for a bit, before it was "ok", but this latest version adds some cool new features like video streaming (so you can see your app actually running on the iPhone even without paying the $99 – this is limited by your network speed), compass usage and full UIKit compatibility making it a really great app.

Watch this video to see it in action:

If you’re interested in more information or buying the app you can check it out on the homepage at:
Get iSimulate

Would be nice if the price came down a bit ($15), but nevertheless it’s a great tool.

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