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Johann Dowa

Amazing Xcode Tips Leave Developer In A State Of Shock


Amazing Xcode Tips Leave Developer In A State Of Shock
OMG… that’s Xcode?!

Xcode, the IDE provided by Apple for iPhone and Mac development is widely purported by beginning iPhone developers in online forums to be terrible.   For awhile I believed the forum trolls, and I accepted that Xcode was a subpar IDE.  In months of usage I didn’t think much of it only making a few preference changes enabling little more than code completion.  Recently however, I came across a great set of tips that opened my eyes to the possibility that Xcode wasn’t as bad as these newbies (interestingly enough.. mainly Java developers) said.

A Great Set of Tips And Tricks

So a few days ago I came across a collection of Xcode tips.  Now most of these tips I knew about, but a few of them I didn’t even after months of using Xcode.  I hadn’t really explored all the shortcuts, or even clicked all those little buttons in the coding environment.

Link:  10 Xcode Tips And Tricks

Xcode Objective-C Macros Cheat Sheet

Since I didn’t know all those tips, I decided to look further, and while I was aware that macros had existed, I had never come across this excellent cheat sheet of the 34 most commonly used Objective-C Macros.

Link: Cheat Sheet Of Xcode Macros

How To Make Custom Macros In Xcode

Now, I’ve seen some developers upset, and even say they’d rather use TextMate.  For those guys I found this post on creating custom TextMate like Macros in Xcode

Link: Custom TextMate-Like Macros In Xcode

Xcode All-In-One Window Mode

This was a great feature that I already knew about, but if you’re not using this and you hate Xcode, well, chances are not knowing this could be why:

Link: Enabling All-In-One Window Mode

Using all-in-one mode could change your life, and I’m not kidding.

Xcode Shortcut List In One Printable Page

Eventually I found this massively cool Xcode shortcut list, and yes, seriously.. there are that many.

Link: Xcode Shortcut List

Ultimately, Xcode is a very competitive IDE.  Sure, when you first start it up it won’t compare with that IDE you’ve customized to your exact likings over the years, but before you added those plugins, and changed all those settings wasn’t your old IDE bad too?  Once you’ve got it all set up, and understand all the features that have been shown the article above you’ll be shocked at how productive you can be with Xcode.

Be sure to check back, I’m still perfecting things, but I feel an ultimate Xcode setup guide coming on.

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