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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iPhone Game Development Resources Compendium


I’ve posted many iPhone game development resources on this website, and I can see that many of the searches on this website are iPhone game development related so I have decided to create this post which is basically a table of contents containing my other iPhone game development posts, along with some new iPhone game development resources that I have not mentioned before.

iPhone Game Engines

When most look to develop a game on the iPhone typically alot of time can be saved by using an already existing game engine.  Some of these engines use Wysiwig editors and their own scripting languages while others provide a collection of functions to us in your code.

Commercial iPhone Game Engine List
Open Source iPhone Game Engine List

Game Engine Resources

Unity 3D and Cocos2D are two widely used game engines, I highly suggest looking into these two engines if you are getting started with iPhone game development.

Unity 3D Game Engine Resources
Cocos2D Resources

Open Source Cocos2D Games

Graphics Programming

You may want to use Core Animation to program your game, often this is the easiest way to program simple 2D games with low performance requirements as you can lay out elements in interface builder and the functions are very easy to understand if you’ve done other iPhone Objective-C Programming. 

Core Animation Resources

OpenGL ES is the rendering API used on the iPhone.  If you are looking for maximum performance and don’t want to purchase or use an already existing iPhone game engine you will need to use OpenGL ES.

OpenGL ES Resource Sites
OpenGL ES Tutorials

Free Game Graphics

Something I see commonly asked is where to get graphics, well the fact of the matter is you will typically have to pay an artist to create them, or create them yourself, but there are some free graphics available.  The games you can make with these are somewhat limited, but they can be good for prototyping before finding an artist to assist you with iPhone game development.

Massively Large Collection Of Free Graphics Links

Audio Programming

The iPhone uses OpenGL AL, as mentioned above Cocos2D now includes a sound engine, but if you’re programming from scratch here’s a basic engine for you to learn from.

Finch Simple OpenAL Sound Engine

Free Game Audio

Here’s some links to some free audio as with graphics you’ll typically have to find someone to custom create the sound you want or create it yourself to get things right.

Collection Of Free Game Music And Sound Links

iPhone Game Development Community

You may want to check out iDevGames if you’re looking for a forum for iPhone game development.  It is fairly active.

iPhone Game Development Tutorials

The guys at 71 squared have put in a tremendous amount of work into creating some iPhone game development tutorials with video, be sure to check them out.

iPhone Game Programming Tutorials

That’s it for my iPhone game development resources compendium, as always if you know of any other great resources feel free to post them in the comments, and I will likely update this post in the future so look for them to be added later on.


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