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The Categorized OpenGL ES Tutorial Collection

I’ve received several requests for this, and I agree that finding the right OpenGL ES tutorial can be difficult so what I’ve decided to do is go through many of the available tutorials and order them by both degree of difficulty, and the native device type for the tutorials.

For information on OpenGL ES 2.0 with GLKit please visit the GLKit tutorial page.

Below you will find OpenGL ES tutorials covering OpenGL ES 2.0, 1.1, 1.0, 1.x, for the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Pocket PC, and Microsoft Windows Mobile.  Any of these tutorials cannot be converted from one device to another, but the original device type for each tutorial is listed.

Please note, i have only listed 2 OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorials as there just aren’t many available, there is the OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide which contains a set of OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorials and examples that run on the iPhone.  I recommend you do not do anything with OpenGL ES 2.0 until you have a complete grasp of OpenGL ES 1.x.

When two tutorials on the same material, for the same platform were found I only listed the better of the two.  If there any tutorials that you believe should be added to the list please post them below.

Here are the tutorials:


Basic concepts of 3D world and OpenGL – Any version
OpenGL ES 2.0 For iPhone Tutorial
– OpenGL ES 2.0
Hello Triangle
– (Windows) – OpenGL ES 2.0
Getting Started (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 2.0
What is OpenGL ES? (all) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Xcode Project Set Up (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
An Introduction To OpenGL (Google Android) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Setting Up Your Environment (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
OpenGL Window (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Keyboard Input (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Mouse Input (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Viewports in Perspective (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Drawing Primitives 1 – Triangles (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Drawing Primitives 2 – Squares
(iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Rendering (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Orthographic Projection (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Colour and Shading (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Color And Shading (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Window Resizing (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Transformations (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Transformations (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Depth (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Perspective (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Solid Shapes (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
The Final Primitives: Points and Lines in a Stride (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Objects in 3D (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Translating Objects Independently (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1


Texturing 3d Objects In OpenGL ES (iOS) – OpenGL ES 2.0
OpenGL ES 2.0 in depth
(iOS) – OpenGL ES 2.0
Monkeys on Your Back and Geometric Shapes
(iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Interleaving Per-Vertex Data (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Landscape View & Handling Touches Part 1 – 2D World (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Backface Culling (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Lighting (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Directional Lighting (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Texture Mapping Our Square (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Texture Mapping (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Texture Functions (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Multiple Textures, Repeating Textures, and the End of the Book Era (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Blending (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Transparency (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Single Texture, Multiple Looks, Render to Texture, and Getting Inspired in Maths (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Masking (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Uncompressed TGAs (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x


Jedi skills in OpenGL ES 2.0 and 2D graphics (iOS) – OpenGL ES 2.0
Moving in 3D
(iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Moving in 3D Part 2: Some Theory that I Should Have Explained (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Draconia 01: Getting Started and Background Scrolling (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Waving Flag
(Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Blender Models Part 1: Learning Some Blender Internals (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Blender Models Part 2: Loading and Rendering (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Blender Models Part 3: Textures and UV Mapped Objects (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Fog (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Reflections (Pocket PC) – OpenGL ES 1.x
Collision Detection (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1
Collision Detection 2: Moller & Trumbore’s Fast Triangle Ray Intersect (iPhone) – OpenGL ES 1.1

For a list containing specific sites with OpenGL ES tutorials please check out my Killer OpenGL ES Resources list.

That’s my list, in the future I may break these down further by command if there is an interest.  As I stated above please post the links of any OpenGL ES tutorial that you feel should be added to this list, especially OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorials as at this stage the only OpenGL ES 2.0 specific resource I know of is the OpenGL ES Programming Guide.


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