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Big List of Youtubers Who Will Review Your iPhone App

As many of you may have noticed, I have been updating my older resource lists with updated links that have been shared with me in the last few months since starting this site, and I’ve been uploading tutorials/other videos to Youtube.

One resource which I didn’t really think about was Youtube.  I wasn’t really a Youtuber before uploading my videos, but something I noticed was that there is a massive number of people on Youtube doing app reviews.  Usually developers will upload a usage video to Youtube, and ultimately that’s the end of things, it’s hit or miss, and most videos get very few views.  

Why not send the App reviewers your apps?  Many of these reviewers have already established a subscriber base of 10,000 or more on Youtube (along with nearly as many on Twitter), and I’m sure would be flattered if sent a promotional code.  A couple who I have contacted seemed very excited about the idea.  Also, many of these videos end up being shown on other sites so the effect can multiply.

I wouldn’t be turned off it appears that many of these viewers are members of the younger set, after all this is a large segment of the App market, and especially if you’re developing an entertainment app this likely is your market.

Onto the list, I’ve sorted the reviewers here by the number of subscribers each has to their channels.  If you have an ACTIVE channel that I have not listed here please post it below, and I will add it to the list. 19,040 Subscribers. 16,237 Subscribers. 13,420 Subscribers. 12,645 Subscribers. 8,197 Subscribers. 4370 Subscribers. 3,697 Subscribers. 3,504 Subscribers. 2,892 Subscribers. 2,475 Subscribers. 2,282 Subscribers. 2071 Subscribers. 1447 Subscribers. 653 Subscribers. 552 Subscribers. 536 Subscribers. 532 Subscribers. 335 Subscribers. 279 Subscribers. 226 Subscribers. 211 Subscribers.

Don’t forget to mention if you have/know of an active channel in the comments.

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