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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Three Frameworks For Palm Pre WebOS style development on the Iphone

Yesterday  I introduced the Phonegap framework which allows users to add functionality restricted to native apps while developing using javascript on the Iphone.  I also got my first hater on this site, thanks PreDeveloper!

Today I’m going to introduce a couple more frameworks. Tommorow I will get into how you can interact with Objective-C using javascript, and vice versa.

The second framework I’m going to introduce you to today is QuickConnect Iphone.  QuickConnect allows you to develop using Havascript, HTML, and CSS, and provides detailed instructions on how to develop using Apple’s excellent visual web app development tool Dashcode, and turn those into “native” apps.  An added benefit is that apps can also run on several other platforms, and maybe even for the likes of Predeveloper it will run on the Palm Pre too.  I haven’t seen QuickConnect being used in an app yet, and I’ve only gone through a couple of the tutorials on the author’s blog.

The third framework is Big5.  This framework does not seem as far along as Phonegap or QuickConnect, but it does supply the user with the ability to use the camera, location services, and accelerometer.  However, I mention it here because it is very easy to use.  The instructions however are somewhat limited in how to get your app to the app store, because the author wants you to load it up in the “Big5App”.

To sum things up, the 3 frameworks are:

Phonegap – Mature, used in many apps, works with Iphone, Blackberry and Android.
QuickConnectIphone – In beta, works with Iphone, Android, Linux, Php, and Mac.
Big5 – Mature, somewhat limited functionality, works through Big5App on Iphone.

Tommorow I’m going to get into interaction between Javascript and Objective-C on the Iphone so you can access nearly any Iphone functionality using Javascript.

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