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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Html CSS Javascript for Iphone Native Development Like Palm Pre WebOS

It seems like there is alot of buzz around the Palm Pre’s ability to allow developers to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop apps for the upcoming Palm Pre, and sell them in Palm’s AppCatalog.

Is that a big deal? My answer would be no.

The fact of  the matter is there have been solutions that allow you to use the these web technologies in developing IPhone apps for quite some time, and you can add in features such as sound effects, accelerometer, multitouch, and more into your apps simply using Javascript while designing your interface in HTML, and then get your app into the app store.

Ok, so you don’t get the same performance as you would coding in raw Objective-C/C/C++, and you can’t access any 3D functionality, but how many 3D engines out there are written in Javascript?  I would say that being able to use C++ and C are far more useful in that endeavour.

One solution that I know of for adding native functionality to your Javascript code and then shipping your app to the app store is Phonegap.  Phonegap has been used in a number of apps in the app store, including graphical 2d games, and seems to perform well.  Phonegap uses an MIT license.  If you  are a web programmer wishing to use Javascript, HTML, and CSS in your apps at this stage Phonegap seems to be the most mature framework for doing so on the Iphone, and not only will your apps run on the Iphone, but Phonegap also has solutions to add native functionality to Google Android, and Blackberry “web” apps.

Tommorow I will introduce a couple of other Iphone frameworks enabling development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and talk about how you can communicate between Javascript and Objective-C code.

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