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Johann Dowa

iPhone OpenGL ES – 8 Great Resources For Learning

Here’s a list of great resources for learning iPhone OpenGL ES for all you aspiring iPhone game programmers.

I have created a new version of this list at: 18 OpenGL ES Resources That You Must Know!

The iPhone OpenGL ES Resources

1. The Black Art of 3D Game Programming Chapter 10 While this isn’t an OpenGL ES resource it is a great introduction to the 2D and 3D math involved in using OpenGL ES.  I  mention it first because if you don’t understand this stuff you’ll have a hell of a time coding OpenGL ES, and this is a great  introduction.  The whole book can be found here for free.  It is an old book, but the math still holds true.

2. Iphone OpenGL ES Tutorial SeriesThis is an ongoing series of OpenGL ES tutorials by a guy named Maurice Simon, pretty cool especially since these tutorials are specifically for the IPhone. The tutorials are well written and complete with the Xcode projects.  Really wish these were already up when I started learning OpenGL ES on the Iphone.

3.  Jeff LaMarche’s Iphone Blog Blog from the author of my favorite Iphone development book, Beginning Iphone Development, that while not specifically about OpenGL ES he does talk about it quite frequently, and has converted a couple of Nehe Examples.

4. Oolong Engine An Open source 3D OpenGL ES Game Engine for Iphone, MIT licensed,  that has converted many of the Khronos examples below to work on the IPhone.  Definitely worth looking at the code in here.  Keep in mind there is virtually no documentation.

5. Khronos OpenGL ES Page This is the OpenGL ES “homepage” on which you will find the reference manual, and lots of examples.  Not specifically IPhone, but there are some great examples here and even a complete racing game BSD licensed.

6. Khronos OpenGL ES 1.x Step-By-Step Tutorials This page is from Imagination Technologies makers of the Iphone GPU, and it contains the Khronos tutorials converted to OpenGL ES and created for the PowerVR technology.  Again, not specifically IPhone, but good for learning from.  Especially as to how they load Pod files.

7. Zeus CMD OpenGL ES Tutorials This site contains 25 Great OpenGL ES Tutorials, again not specifically IPhone, but it was fairly easy to get them running and good to learn from.

8. Cocos2D Iphone This is an Open Source 2D OpenGL ES Game Framework for Iphone you can learn alot from going in and looking around the code.


See you tommorow.

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