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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Iphone SDK Development Tutorial #2 – Transitioning To Objective-C

This is the second tutorial on iPhone application development.

This tutorial is geared towards someone with a basic understanding of C/C++ or Java and object oriented principles.  It is a basic overview of some Objective-C syntax that someone transitioning from another language is unlikely to be familiar with.

If you’re unfamiliar with C/C++ or Java a great resource is the extensive

>>> The Cheatsheet can be found here <<<

Please note that this cheatsheet will be updated quickly as we continue through the iphone tutorials, and this first iteration is designed only to cover some basic syntax.

Optional Exercise:
Go through the Hello World sample source code  for the iPhone using the understanding gained from the video, referencing the cheat sheet if  necessary along with the Xcode research assistant (see first tutorial if you are unfamiliar with it). In  the next tutorial we will be going through this code line by line.

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