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Open Source iOS Component Providing An Integrated Camera/Image Picker With Live Video Preview

I’ve mentioned a number of custom iOS image picker components and here’s an open source component from C S P Nanda that integrates the image picker with a camera view.

This allows you to quickly bring up and remove the image picker, and also integrated are live video previews within the image pickers.

This video shows the integrated image picker in action:

Open Source Library Providing A Number Of Material Design Inspired UI Components

I’ve mentioned a number of projects inspired by Google Material Design most recently a neat expanding transition component called JTMaterialDeisgn.

Here’s a submitted open source project by FTP Software providing even more Material Design inspired components called Material-Controls-For-iOS.

Material-Controls-For-iOS provides 12 components in total including buttons, tableview cells, progress indicators, sliders, switches, tabbars, text fields, toast messages, date picker, and time picker.

Here’s an image showing the included time picker control in action:

Open Source iOS Component Providing 20+ Uniquely Styled Activity Indicators

Earlier this year I mentioned the DGActivityIndicator library providing 6 uniquely styled activity indicators.

Here’s an open source component from Nguyen Vinh called NVActivityIndicatorView built from DGActivityIndicator that provides even more unique spinning animations that can be used for indicating activity.

NVActivityINdicatorView allows you to specify the size, and color of each indicator and provides over 20 indicators.

Here’s an animation showing NVActivityIndicatorView in action:


You can find NVActivityIndicatorView on Github here.

Tutorial: Setting Up Auto-Renewable In-App Purchases

I’ve mentioned a few resources related to in-app purchases such as the RMStore library, but most of these resources were created before auto-renewable subscriptions were added.

Here’s a Swift based guide submitted by SavvyApps that runs through the process step-by-step of how to set up an auto-renewable in app purchase.

Some of the topics covered in the tutorial include:

  • Setting up the auto-renewable in app purchases
  • Monitoring and managing subscriptions

Top iOS Development Resources For Three Weeks Ended July 26th, 2015

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last two weeks.

The top resource is a UICollectionViewFLowLayout that automatically applies shrinking/growing effects to images scrolling in and out of view in a UICollectionView and creating effects using UIDynamics.

Here are the resources:

  1. SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout – An open source component providing a UICollectionVIew Layout that applies effects to cells scrolling in and out of view in a UICollectionView.  (share on twitter) (featured here)