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Open Source Component For Creating Sophisticated Animated Text Labels

I’ve mentioned some excellent open source projects from Yalantis including a component for great looking scrolling iconized top menus, an  iconized side menu component with slick animations, a great example of a pull-to-refresh implementation with an expanding animation.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Nikita of Yalantis that provides a custom label allowing you to easily apply animations to the text, and even individual layers within the label.

Tool: Xcode Plugin For Easy Tweaking Of CAMediaTimingFunction Control Points

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice Xcode plugin that adds an action bar you can bring up with a hotkey providing easy access to nearly every Xcode action.

Here’s an Xcode plugin called CATweakerSense from Xu Lian that provides a nice interface directly within Xcode so you can visually set your CAMediaTimingFunction animation timing curve.

CATweakerSense will pop up its interface for tweaking directly within your code within a popover while editing CAMediaTimingFunction control points.

Open Source UIColor Extension Library Providing Access To 1200+ Colors By Name

I’ve mentioned a number of color helper libraries most recently a library providing colors for creating gradients, and a library for grabbing flat colors based on an image.

Here’s a UIColor extension library submitted by Reid Gravelle called Rainbow that makes a large number of colors usable by name.

Rainbow contains over 1200 colors including many crayola colors and a helper to make the RGB values more readable by not requiring division by 255.

Open Source Component Providing A Nice Photos App Inspired UI For Editing Images

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice library providing a great customizable UI for working with the camera.

Here’s an open source component for working with photos providing an interface inspired by iOS 8’s Photos app called PhotoTweaks from itouch2.

PhotoTweaks provides an interface for cropping, moving, rotating, and scaling images that can easily be dropped into an app with methods for easily grabbing the modified image.

Open Source iOS Library Allows Detection Of Control Center Opening And Adaptive Rounded Corners

Earlier this month I mentioned a library from Aaron Abentheur for creating user interfaces using gesture detection on the camera feed.

Here’s another interesting library submitted by Aaron for making apps a little more polished called AAWIndow providing a UIWindow subclass that allows for detection when a user opens control center, and provides adaptive rounded corners.