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Open Source Library For Automatically Deep Linking To Other Apps In A UIWebView

Here’s an open source library submitted by Bruno Berisso that allows you to automaticallydeep link to other apps from a UIWebView called TLMetaResolver.

TLMEtaResolver includes a Swift extension an Objective-C Category and can deep link to any page conforming to Twitter App Card, App Link or App Smart Banner and also includes a custom UIActivityController where the user can conveniently open from the page.

You can find TLMetaResolver on Github here.

Top iOS Development Resources For Two Weeks Ended July 5th, 2015

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last two weeks.

The top resource is an open source library that makes it easy to draw polygons onto a map with support for GEOJSON data, and numerous helpers for manipulating the polygons.

Here are the resources:

  1. GEOSwift – An open source library allowing you to draw and manipulate polygons on a map view.  (share on twitter) (featured here)

Open Source Component Featuring A Nicely Styled Easy To Use UIPickerView Alternative

I’ve mentioned a number of custom media pickers and color pickers in the past.
Here’s an open source component from Chen Zeyu from CZPicker allowing you to create picker views with a nice flat style providing a nice alternative to the UIPIckerView.

CZPicker allows the user to select placing a checkmark beside the selected item, with a title, an optional picker view, and buttons allowing the user to cancel and confirm their selections. You can easily customize the selections within the picker view.

Open Source UICollectionView Based Component For Creating Springboard Style Views

I’ve mentioned a number of projects providing custom UICollectionView layouts most recently a UICOllectionView layout inspired by the rotary selector seen in Facebook’s paper app called RGPaperLayout.

Here’s an open source component from DeveloperLx allowing you to easily create an iOS springboard style interface within your apps called LXGridView.

LXGridView is based on UICollectionView, allows you to easily specify icons to be shown within the view, supports rearranging and removal of icons just like the iOS home screen.

Open Source Component For Creating Advanced Gesture Controlled Radial Menus (Marking Menus)

Here’s an open source component from Simon Gladman that allows you to create advanced radial menus known as marking menus called FMMarkingMenu inspired by the menus seen applications such as Maya.

What’s nice about marking menus is that the user can navigate through a series of menus using a single gesture. With FMMarkingMenu the user can tap anywhere to open the menu, and the line style of the menu illustrates whether further menu levels are available.