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Open Source Library Allowing You To Create/Export Swift Objects To A JSON Based Format

Late last year I mentioned the ObjectMapper library for easily mapping JSON Data to/from Swift objects.

Here’s an open source Swift based framework allowing you to serialize/deserialize objects from a JSON format called ModelRocket from Oven Bits.

OvenBits supports several basic types including String, Bool, Int, UINet, Double and Float, but also more advanced types including NSDate, UIColor, NSURL, amd NSNumber. You can define the objects in JSON or within a typed array and custom objects created with ModelRocket can be used within other objects.

Open Source Library Providing A Wide Variety Of Great Looking Text Field Animations

Early this year I mentioned the TextFieldEffects library providing a number of text field effects that you can use within an app to draw a user’s attention, and spruce up the look of basic text fields.

Here’s an open source library submitted by Mukesh inspired by TextFieldEffects providing even more interesting text field components with neat animation effects called MMTextFieldEffects.

This video shows different text field effects in action:

Open Source Swift Library For Creating Animated Zoom-In Popover Views

Animated popovers are a great way to draw a user’s attention and here’s an open source component from Yusuke Takahashi for creating zooming popovers called Popover inspired by the facebook app.

Popover allows you to create Popover overlays witha number of customizable options.  You can create Popovers with different colors, adjust the shape of your popover, and how fast the popovers zoom in.  To use Popover you simply need to supply a start point, a view to show within the Popover, and then create your Popover with that view and starting point.

Top iOS Development Resources For Four Weeks Ended August 23rd, 2015

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last four weeks.

The top resource is a a component providing a unique and customizable pull-to-refresh component with a neat bouncing and bending animation.

Here are the resources:

1. PullToBounce – A custom open source pull to refresh component featuring a unique bouncing animation.  (share on twitter) (featured here)

Open Source Library For Creating Tinder Style Swipeable Card Based User Interfaces

Late last year I mentioned an open source component for creating swipeable cards inspired by the interface of the popular Tinder app called ZLSwipeableView.

Here’s an open source Swift library allowing you to create a Tinder style interface with a UITableView style datasource/delegate interface called Koloda from Yalantis.

Koloda allows you to dynamically load views for efficient performance. The library contains methods for easy detection of card swipes, and more, and includes a nice example project with a complete interface created using Koloda.