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Open Source iOS Component For Stylish Pop-In Menus With App-Switcher Inspired Animations

I’ve mentioned a number of custom menu components most recently a component for great looking scrolling top menus that are shown with a neat folding animation called Persei.

Here’s an open source component from Jorge Valbuena called JVMenuPopover that provides a nice overlay menu with a great look, customizable animations, and a nice transition effect.

JVMenuPopoverController is similar to iOS’s built-in app switching, and shrinks the main view showing a background image which you can specify then drawing the menu with nice animations.

Open Source Component Providing A UINavigationController With A Parallax Effect

Earlier this month I mentioned a component allowing you to display images in a table view with a parallax effect.

Here’s an interesting component submitted by Fraser Scott-Morrison allowing you to easily display a neat parallax effect when pushing and popping between view controllers called IHParallaxNavigationController.

IHParallaxNavigationController can be used within storyboards as your UINavigationController, and your users will shown a background specified by you displayed with a parallax effect.

Custom Open Source iOS Slider/Stepper Component Using UIKit Dynamics

I’ve mentioned a number of slider components, most recently a slider enhanced with animated tick marks.

Here’s an open source control submitted by Rehat Kathuria providing an innovative slider control that utilizes UIKitDynamics called SnappingSlider.

SnappingSlider could be used to replace your slider or step controls, and works by having the user adjust values by sliding the control to the left or right, and then snaps back to the middle when the user is done with their adjustments. UIKitDynamics are used to produce the nice snap back effect similar to a scrollview.

Open Source iOS Component For Easily Creating Custom Map Annotation Views

I’ve mentioned a number of custom components for working with map views, most recently a component allowing you to create a nice circular indicator to mark the a specific area on a map.

Here’s an open source component that makes it easy to insert completely custom callout views called DXCustomCallout from s3lvin.

Open Source Libraries For Communicating With Rest Services And Mapping JSON Data

I’ve mentioned a number of tools and libraries for working with rest services, most recently an Xcode plugin and command line tool for auto-generating code.

Here are a couple of libraries submitted by Logan Wright designed to simplify interaction with REST web services and handling JSON data with a syntax that is as minimalistic as possible while still allowing for customization for Swift and Objective-C users.