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Tool: An Xcode Plugin Adding Many Useful Text Selection, Copying, And Deletion Commands

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins, most recently a plugin for easily creating templates from a group of files within Xcode.

Here’s an Xcode plugin from Christoffer Winterkvist that adds a number of commands for working with code in Xcode called Marvin.

Marvin adds a number of commands for quickly text selection, duplication, and deletion.

Here are the commands added as listed in the readme:

Open Source Component Providing A Custom Pull-To-Refresh Animation For Cooking Apps

Earlier this year I mentioned a great example of a pull-to-refresh animation from Yalantis called Rentals and a library for

Here’s another great example from Yalatnis that utilizes the customizable pull-to-refresh library providing an interesting animated pull-to-refresh view which could be great for cooking apps called PullToMakeSoup and a library for creating your own custom Pull-To-Refresh animations.

Each step of the animation neatly appears as the user pulls down on the UIScrollView.

Top iOS Development For Two Weeks Ended May 24th, 2015

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last two weeks.

The top resource is an open source library that works with Swift apps that allows you to visualize touches with adjustbale parameters for use when demonstrating apps.

Here are the resources:

  1.  TouchVisualizer – An open source library for visualizing touches within Swift based apps. (share on twitter) (featured here)

Open Source Swift Networking Library Providing Easy Multi-Part File Uploading

I’ve mentioned a few Swift networking library most recently the python-requests inspired Just library.

Here’s an open source Swift networking library that for large file uploads called Pitaya from JohnLui.

Pitaya features fast multipart uploading, can run asynchronously, and has a nice clean syntax. There is support for basic authorization along with basic file downloading. A set of examples is included.

This code example from the readme shows how to perform a basic file upload:

Open Source iOS Component Providing An iBooks Style PDF Reader

Some time ago I mentioned a number of components for viewing PDF files including the iBooks like PDF reading component vfr/Reader.

Here’s an open source component you can easily embed into Swift and Objective-C based apps providing a PDF document viewer that builds upon the previously mentioned vfr/Reader.

M13PDFKit provides a styling similar to that of iBooks in iOS 7+, and utilizes collection views. The expected features such as page previewing, bookmarks, and the thumbnail view are all included.