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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Highly Customizable Google Inspired Segmented Control

I’ve mentioned a number of custom segmented controls, most recently NYSegmentedControl which features a great variety of color and shape customization options.

Here’s a highly customizable segmented control called HMSegmentedControl from Hesham Abd-Elmegid inspired by the segmented controls in Google Currents, and other Google products.

HMSegmentedControl allows you to use both text and images in each segment, allows for full color customizations, allows you to place the line indicating the selected segment on the top or bottom, and allows you to scroll horizontally.

Open Source iOS Component Providing A Simple Contacts App Style Image Cropper

I’ve mentioned a few libraries and components that provide an image cropping interface most recently a photo picker component with image cropping capabilities built in called DZNPhotoPickerController.

Here’s a nice simple circular image cropper submitted by Ruslan Skorb called RSKImageCropper.

RSKImageCropper is inspired by the contacts app supports both portrait and landscape orientations and the double tap to reset gesture.

Here’s an image from the read me showing RSKImageCropper in action:

Open Source iOS Component For Creating A UITableView With A Customizable Parallax Header

I’ve mentioned a number of components that utilize parallax effects, most recently a table view allowing you to create a scrolling view with images displayed with a parallax effect called MJParallaxCollectionView.

Here’s an open source component called ParallaxBlur that provides a nice parallax expanding image table header with a title that sticks neatly at top of the view released by Joseph Pintozzi.  You can easily customize the image and text on top of the table view, and if desired provide your own custom view.

Open Source iOS Component Providing An Extensive Browser Built On UIWebView

Previously I’ve mentioned a few components that enhance UIWebView with additional features for easier browsing such as DZWebBrowser .

Here’s an open source component that takes things a little bit further in turning UIWebView into a complete browser called Banshee from Ghostery.   This is a component designed to provide the user with a full browsing experience rather than just for navigation of a few html pages.

Some of the features of Banshee include:

Open Source iOS Component Providing A Nice Scrolling Calendar App Style Day Picker

I’ve mentioned a few date picker components and a few months ago mentioned an open source project providing a nice reproduction iOS 7 ipad calendar app.

Here’s an open source calendar component called ASDayPicker from Appscape that provides a nice scrolling day picker that requires a minimal amount of space inspired by the calendar app’s week view.

With ASDatePicker you can customize the start and end dates that the user can choose from, and the colors of the calendar. A complete example is included.