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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Component For Creating UILabels With Interesting Transition Effects

Earlier this year I mentioned a component for creating fading text labels like in the secret app and more recently a component for morphing text between UILabel values.

Here’s an open source component allowing you to create UILabels with several different effects from android1989 called YetiCharacterLabelExample.

YetiCharacterLabelExample allows you to create a falling text effect, a Secret style fading label effect, and an iOS 8 keyboard autocomplete inspired motion label effect.  The component comes with both Objective-C and Swift versions.

Open Source iOS Component Providing A Scrollbar With Color Customization

One of the issues with the iOS scroll bar control is a lack of customization options, and previously I mentioned a custom scroll bar implementation that allows for color customization and positioning anywhere within a view called CustomScrollIndicator – the drawback being the scrollbars look a little different, and some code changes are required.

Here’s an open source component called JTSScrollIndicator from Jared Sinclair that lets you easily implement colored vertical scroll bars.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Masked Text/Number Entry Forms

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries for creating input forms most recently XLForm.

You might want to use a full-blown form library and here’s an open source component allowing you to simply create text entry fields with easy masking for numeric, alphanumeric and letter values called OCMaskedTextField from Omer Cora.

Creating Masked text fields with OCMaskedTextField is extremely and this code example from the readme shows how to set up a text field with masking for number entry:

Open Source iOS Component For Customizable Paper Buttons Inspired By Google Material Design

Earlier this month I mentioned a button component inspired by Google material design allowing you to create buttons with a nice ripple effect.

Here’s another library inspired by the paper buttons seen in material design subclassing UIButton allowing you to create buttons with the ripple effect, but in addition providing some neat color effects, and shadowing for raised buttons called BFPaperButton from Bence Feher.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Animated Customizable Popover Tooltips

I’ve mentioned some nice components for providing aids to guiding users within your apps such as this nice component for creating coach marks, and this one for creating animated arrows.

Here’s a new open source component for creating pop up tips excellent for providing tips to users within your called AMPopTip.

AMPopTip contains a large number of customization features allowing you to customize the popover tip direction, coloring, font, size, animation speed and more.