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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Beautiful Card Style Views

Many popular apps use card style interfaces to play data such as profiles and news, and I’ve mentioned a few libraries and components based on this pattern most recently ZLSwipeableView for handling different card wiping gestures.

Here’s a nice component realeased by Richard Kim and Jared Moskowitz allowing you to create stylish and easily customizable card views called RKCardView.

Open Source iOS Library Providing UI Components And Colors Inspired By Google Material Design

Earlier this year I mentioned the ZFRippleButton, and BFPaperButton custom  iOS button component libraries inspired by the flat look and ripple effect on press of Google material design.

Here’s a set of Swift based open source components submitted by Le Van Nghia providing even more components, a core animation layer you can add to UI components for adding ripple effects and a color helper library based on material design called MaterialKit.

Open Source Swift Based Component For Creating Great Looking Alerts Inspired By SweetAlert.js

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice open source component created in Swift for creating nice simple animated pop up alerts.

Here’s a submitted open source Swift based iOS component for creating great looking animated alerts inspired by the javascript library Sweet Alert called SweetAlert iOS.

Sweet Alert provides great looking alerts with nice animations based on user interactions and very easy usage.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Swipeable Card Interfaces

Earlier this year I mentioned some example code of a swipe able cards interface like that seen within the Tinder app.

Here’s an open source interface component called ZLSwipeableView from Zhixuan Lai that allows you to create interfaces with swipeable cards with some nice features.

ZLSwipeableView provides a nice animation when the user swipes and also when the user cancels a swipe.  You can also control the swiping behaviour programatically for some nice effects.

Open Source iOS Pull-To-Refresh Component With Easily Customizable Animations

Last month I mentioned a nice open source pull-to-refresh component called Refresher allowing you to add animation code for the start, stop, and progress stages.

Here’s another nice customizable open source pull-to-refresh component from Suyu Zhang called CBStoreHouseRefreshControl inspired by the StoreHouse app.

What makes this component is different is how the custom pull to refresh animations are created. To customize the CBStoreHouseRefreshControl animations you place a set of drawing coordinates within a plist file – an example is included.