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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Color Picker Component With Support For Favorites, Textures And More

I’ve metioned a number of color pickers in the past, but unfortunately it looks like most of the projects have been abandoned. Here’s a new color picker submitted by Jeff Johnson called DRColorPicker that has many nice unique features such as favorites, a color wheel, recent colors, pick by hue and support for imported images as colors.

The features as stated in the readme include:

Open Source iOS Component For Easily Implementing Auto-Scrolling Navigation Bars

I’ve mentioned a few components for creating Facebook-style auto-scrolling navigation bars, most recently TLYSHyNavBar which supports multiple-level navigation bars, but it does have a few issues and does not seem to work with opaque status bars.

Here’s another component that aims to solve the issues of the previously mentioned components, and adds support for either translucent navigation bars called BMYScrollableNavigationBar from Beamly.

BMYScrollingNavigationBar is used within the Beamly app and an example project is included showing how to implement the component.

Open Source iOS Component For Automatic Downloading And Display Of Images, Animations And Video

I’ve mentioned the SDWebImage library providing a UIImageView category with support for asynchronous downloading and caching.

Here’s a very nice image view component called KIChameleonView from kainnui that automatically detects the type of media to display, and even allows you to load the media from a remote URL using SDWebImage.

KIChameleonView works with standard static images, animated gif files, and videos. You simply need to provide the location and KIChameleonView will do the rest.

Open Source Component For Creating Analog Clocks In the Style Of The Clock App

Earlier this year I mentioned an open source component allowing you to create customizable analog clocks called BEMAnalogClock.

Here’s an open source component that allows you to create clocks inspired by the styling of the iOS Clock app from Suraj Pathak.

Some of the features of Clock-iOS include:

- Face color change based on day or night
- Support for multiple time zones
- Non-blocking of other UI operations
- Supports swipe to delete
- Displays time in digital format beneath the clock
- Easily customizable size

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Easily Customizable App Introduction Views

I’ve mentioned some projects for creating app introductory views such as ICETutorial which allows you to create app intros using a set of images, and LAWalkthrough that allows you to use a set of XIB views.

Here’s a new open source component called Onboard that provides many nice features for creating app introductions from Mike Amaral.