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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Nice Customizable Slide-In Alerts

I’ve mentioend a number of components for creating custom alert views, most recently SCLAlertView-Swift for making great looking custom animated alert views.

Here’s an open source component allowing you to create nice less obtrusive alerts based on Facebook’s app Slingshot called RKDropdownAlert from Richard Kim.

RKDropDownAlert allows you to very easily create slide in alerts with a title, and message.  You can customize the background color, font, length of the message, and you can specify a method to be called when the user taps the view if you prefer to not simply hide the alert on touch.

Open Source iOS Camera Component Featuring A Great UI, Visual effects, And More

I’ve mentioned a number of open source projects for working with the camera, most recently a iOS video camera library featuring segmented recording, and core image filters.

Here’s a new open source lightweight camera component with a great looking user interface called TGCameraViewController submitted by Bruno Tortato Furtado.

This is a completely custom camera with all the usual camera features plus filters, zooming, and more.

The features according to the readme include:

Open Source Component Providing An Expanding Text Input View With Nice Extra Features

I’ve mentioned a few expanding text entry components that sit atop the keyboard like in the messages app, most recently RDRStickyKeyboardView.

Here’s an open source component for creating expanding text input views that sits atop the keyboard with a number of nice extra features called SlackTextViewController from Slack.

SlackTextViews feature list includes:

- Autocomplete using a prefix key
- Customizable with left and right button, and toolbar outlets
- Line count support
- Localisation support
- A user is typing indicator

Open Source iOS Color Picker Component With Support For Favorites, Textures And More

I’ve metioned a number of color pickers in the past, but unfortunately it looks like most of the projects have been abandoned. Here’s a new color picker submitted by Jeff Johnson called DRColorPicker that has many nice unique features such as favorites, a color wheel, recent colors, pick by hue and support for imported images as colors.

The features as stated in the readme include:

Open Source iOS Component For Easily Implementing Auto-Scrolling Navigation Bars

I’ve mentioned a few components for creating Facebook-style auto-scrolling navigation bars, most recently TLYSHyNavBar which supports multiple-level navigation bars, but it does have a few issues and does not seem to work with opaque status bars.

Here’s another component that aims to solve the issues of the previously mentioned components, and adds support for either translucent navigation bars called BMYScrollableNavigationBar from Beamly.

BMYScrollingNavigationBar is used within the Beamly app and an example project is included showing how to implement the component.