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iOS UI Controls

An Open Source iOS In-App Web Page Display Component With An Automatically Adjusting Interface

I’ve mentioned a few in app web page browsing components, most recently DZWebBrowser.

Here’s an interesting web view controller from Tim Oliver called TOWebViewController that not only makes it easy to present a web page within your apps but provides some nice unique features.

These features include:

A Custom UICollectionView Flow Layout Using Customizable Hexagon Shaped Cells

I’ve mentioned a number of resources related to custom UICollectionView layouts such as this tutorial on making great looking custom UICollectionView layouts and most recently a flow layout that provides a grid view supporting swipe to select and deselect gestures.

Here’s a custom UICollectionViewFlowLayout that uses hexagonal cells submitted by Cyril Chandelier called CCHexagonFlowLayout.

With CCHexagonFlowLayout you can easily customize the orientation, size and spacing, and add in supplementary views.

Open Source iOS Component Providing Easy Rounded Image Downloading And Display

Late last year I mentioned a UIVIew category that provides easy image downloading with a nice built-in status indicator.

Here’s an open source component called PAImageView from Pierre Abi-aad that provides an easy to use rounded asynchronous image downloader with a built-in rounded status indicator that is great for avatars.

PAImageView uses AFNetworking, and has built in caching and you can customize the background and progress indicator colors.

Open Source iOS Component Providing A Custom UISlider With An Animated Value Tracking Popup

I’ve mentioned a number of nice UISlider components, most recently this component allowing you to create range sliders with a number of custom themes.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Al Skipp that provides an slider enhanced with a great looking customizable animated pop up view to indicated value called ASValueTrackingSlider.

With ASValueTrackingSlider you can customize the text color, font nand size, and animate the background colors while the user slides.

Open Source iOS Component Providing Notification Center Style Drop Down Menu

A couple of months ago I mentioned a nice drop down menu navigation component.

Here’s an open source component from Maximilian Mackh providing a drop down menu similar to the iOS notification center complete with physics called KeyPullDownMenu for switching between data views.

In addition to providing a drop down menu KeyPullDownMenu allow you to easily add an unlimited number of items to the menu that the user can select, delete or reorder.