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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iPhone Component Allowing You To Easily Add An App Store Style App Discovery View

Here’s an app discovery component submitted by Appcornerit allowing you to place an app store style view within your apps for top apps within the app store called iTunesPicker.

iTunesPicker allows the user to see the apps on the charts in different countries within the view, different genres, types and users are shown a detailed app view when clicking on a selection with a link to the app store.

Open Source iOS Component For Customizable Flyout Menus With Xcode Storyboards Support

I’ve mentioned a number of pop out widget style menu components most recently DLWidgetMenu that responds to several different gestures and provides a number of different layouts.

Here’s an open source iOS component from Agus Soedibjo providing another nice implementation of the widget style fly-out menu called ASOAnimatedButton with a number of nice features.

Some of the features of ASOAnimatedButton include:

Component Allowing You To Easily Display Images With A Parallax Effect In A UICollectionView

I’ve mentioned a number of components that make use of parallax effects most recently this control for creating sliding menus with background images in parallax, and this component allowing you to add a parallax effect to a UITableView.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Mayur Joshi that allows you to easily create a scrolling view with images displayed with a parallax effect called MJParallaxCollectionView.

Open Source iOS Component That Makes It Easier To Get Permission To Use Photos And Contacts

One major issue that arises with iOS apps that use photos or contacts is that the user needs to give permission, and if the user declines to give access they will later need to go into settings and adjust the permissions.

Here’s a library from Cluster called ClusterPrePermissions that aims to help solve this issue by displaying a prompt asking the user if they want to give permission before actually giving permission.

An Open Source iOS In-App Web Page Display Component With An Automatically Adjusting Interface

I’ve mentioned a few in app web page browsing components, most recently DZWebBrowser.

Here’s an interesting web view controller from Tim Oliver called TOWebViewController that not only makes it easy to present a web page within your apps but provides some nice unique features.

These features include: