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iOS Development Tutorials

Tutorials for iOS development are posted here. The tutorials can cover any topics relevant to iOS developers and tutorials on topics game development, augmented reality, and learning Objective-C have been posted in the past.

If you would like to add a tutorial please submit it here.

Tutorial: Creating Interactive Notifications With iOS 8’s Notification Actions

Earlier this year I mentioned a collection of iOS 8 source code covering many new features within the iOS 8 SDK including a basic example of notifications with custom actions.

Here’s a nice step by step tutorial submitted by Yari D’areglia showing how to use the new notification actions in iOS 8 to create interactive notifications.

The tutorial covers how to set up your notifications with custom action buttons, schedule your notifications, and handling the action chosen by the user.

Tutorial On Using The New Visual Effect Classes In iOS 8 To Create Great Looking Blurs

In the past year I’ve mentioned the RNFrostedMenu and RNBlurModalView for creating great looking blurred menus and modal views from Ryan Nystrom.

Here’s a nice tutorial from Ryan on creating blurs, and utilizing the new visual effects classes found in iOS 8.

The topics covered in the tutorial include:

- How the typical Gaussian blur algorithm works
- How to use blurs to improve your app’s design
- Taking a screen snapshot and applying a blur
- Adding vibrancy to a blur (with UIVibrancyEffect)
- Creating different blur effect styles (with UIBlurEffect)

Tutorial: How To Easily Integrate Touch ID Authentication Into An App

Last week I mentioned a nice set of iOS 8 code samples, and a set of mini-tutorials covering many iOS 8 features.

Here’s a nice step-by-step guide demonstrating how to use the Local Authentication framework to easily create an authentication prompt that can be bypassed using Touch ID.

The tutorial provides a nice overview of the Touch ID feature and security considerations then goes through the process of creating a simple app with a prompt that can be bypassed by using the fingerprint sensor.

Tutorial: Creating Custom Components That Can Be Previewed And Modified In Xcode 6

Early last year I mentioned a nice tutorial from Yari D’areglia explaining how to create custom UI components.

Here’s another nice tutorial from Yari that explains how to use the new feature in iOS 6’s interface builder that allows you to preview and update your custom components.

The key to using this new feature are the IBDesignable and IBInspectable keywords, and in order to get things working you’ll need to implement your custom component within a framework.

Nice Collection Of Tutorials And Example Code Demonstrating Use Of New iOS 8 SDK Features

With the introduction of iOS 7 I mentioned a nice set of tutorials covering many new aspects of the iOS 7 SDK from Sam Davies of Shinobi Controls.

Now with the introduction of iOS 8 here’s another large set of mini-tutorials and code snippets from Sam on many of the new and updated features of the iOS 8 SDK.